Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Minnesota "Fahrenheit" Really is a Bad Word Sometimes.

Overheard the other day while Genevieve was outside playing with her next-door neighbor playmate:

Genevieve: "I don't know what the bad 'S' word is."
Friend: "Me neither."
G.: "Or the bad 'F' word. There's a bad 'F' word too."
Friend: "I know."
G.: What is the bad 'F' word, anyway? Is it 'Fahrenheit'?"

(Me: laughing my head off inside the house.)

[An aside: It disappoints me that my five-year-old even knows there are such things as "bad 'S' and bad 'F' words". I don't even think my seven-year-old should know that. Although I guess I should be thankful that they don't, as of yet, know what those words actually are.]


Mom said...

OMG, I about laughed myself sick. I am not one to use those words myself, but should I feel the need for an expletive from now on, I will certainly come forth with a loud, "Oh, Fahrenheit!" Too bad what they learn in school sometimes. First grade beckons.

Heidi Mann said...

Absolutely hilarious!!