Friday, May 04, 2012

Plans for the Future

I tell you, people, when I get a working computer back I'm going to post all sorts of fun things like photos and guest posts and features on the best at-home summer activities for kids and mama must-haves for May and links to my new favorite bloggers and products and posts. But we're on day 11 with no laptop, you all (no other computer, either--the office loaner went back days ago), and I'm scarcely more adept with my iPhone than I was when this whole debacle began. So you will have to be patient, and for that patience I am truly grateful. And I am off to return to my regular (non-computer-related) activities of baking fresh rhubarb muffins, soaking up as many UV rays as possible, babying my fussy running injury, keeping my five-year-old busy through the morning hours before afternoon kindergarten, and contemplating my future. We can talk about all of that later. I miss you.

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