Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"So, What Do You Do All Day?"

It's a big day, my friends. A BIG day. No, not my younger daughter's first elementary-school field trip, an all-day affair to the Como Zoo in St. Paul. (AN HOUR AWAY--which is why my husband is chaperoning. I do not allow my daughters to go on field trips in other towns without one of us chaperoning, and since I do the weekly school volunteering, he takes vacation days from work to do the field trips.)

I mean, yes, it is that. Genevieve is crazy with excitement. She gets to ride the school bus IN THE MORNING, along with Julia. (Normally she catches the afternoon-kindergarten bus at 12:18 in our driveway.) She cannot wait.

But no, fellow mamas, that's not what I meant. It's a big day because today, for the first time ever,  I will be a stay-at-home mom with both kids at school (or on a field trip) the entire day. From 8:04 a.m. until 3:27 p.m., both daughters will be gone. At school. Away from me. For the whole day.

It's like practice for September!


People have been asking me since my daughters were born nearly six and eight years ago what I'm going to do with myself once they're both in school all day. Well, today we'll all get to find out.

You know what I'm going to do all day? All the family errands I saved for today because I knew I'd have time to do them, focused mainly on the necessary arrangements for Julia's 8th birthday party coming up in two weeks. I will also be catching up on the housecleaning chores I did not have time to do yesterday, because yesterday I was too busy conducting the required planning for this year's "ABC Summer" project I will be doing with my girls over summer vacation, as well as doing the grocery shopping and returning the library books and DVDs and going to the post office to mail a package. And, I will be cooking something from scratch for dinner, and baking a loaf of cinnamon-rhubarb bread to deliver to a friend.

Somewhere in there I suppose I should update my professional website, post to twitter and Pinterest, and send out a few book-promotion PR pitches in hopes of selling more books, although, truth be told, it's often hard to fit those things in to a typical SAHM schedule and workload. Everyone who does this job knows it's a full-time-+ job in itself.

In other words, today I'm going to be doing all the things I do every day--the work of running this house and this family--only without a small child at my hip for half of it. I will probably get more family work done than I usually do because of that last fact. But I won't be sitting around sipping a cold drink and wondering what to do with myself.

Although, just for one day, maybe I should be.

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