Sunday, May 13, 2012

There Are No Words. Just Smoke Signals.

Originally I wanted to repost a couple of things from past years for Mother's Day. But since I still don't have a working computer and am doing all online activities via tapping painstakingly on a smartphone screen, that's not very feasible right now. Maybe later this week I can put up a belated Mother's Day post. So last week our computer was supposed to be fixed between Wednesday and Friday. That was still over two weeks since the original malfunction. On Friday, with still no computer in hand, we found out that the shop had mistakenly ordered parts for the wrong computer, and would need another three to five days to get the correct parts and do the repair. This puts us at three weeks or more without a computer at home. All I can say is, if you are waiting on me for an email, a blog post, a book review, a photo, an essay, a book PR pitch, some coaching info, a website update--pretty much anything, this is why. I do not have a computer. I can't do all that stuff from my phone. Smartphones are wonderful and have numerous capabilities; but as a busy stay-at-home mom, there is no way I have time to use my phone for things like that. It takes ten times longer to do anything on a tiny screen and keyboard--OMG, the painstaking pecking and correcting of typos, it's seriously crazy-making. I'm going crazy right now, even as I write this. So, dear moms, I'm still living prehistorically up here, thinking of all of you and all the emails and posts and replies and comments and info I owe you, and wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day. You might consider contacting me via carrier pigeon if you need me. Or smoke signals. Love and miss you!

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