Thursday, May 24, 2012

There is No Stopping.

The most challenging aspect of parenthood by far is the fact that sometimes you just want to be able to stop everything and take a break from all the action and forward momentum, and it's not possible. This takes two forms: sometimes you want a break from parenting because you're exhausted and simply need a vacation from the duties involved--you just want a day or two off, but it's not possible--and other times the break you crave involves the stopping of time, because your children are growing and changing too quickly and it's breaking your heart and you love them and your life so much just how it is, and you wish you could freeze it like that.

Both feelings are agonizing in their own way, but it's the latter that will truly break your heart. It's like watching time-lapse photography of a flower blooming or of clouds forming; you can no more stop that fast-moving film than you can stop the world from turning. And your job as a parent is to observe and accept it and then move forward with gladness, because you've really no other choice. You have to pick up and dust off and wrap up your own heart, because this is the way it is, and no one can change it for you.


Rita said...

I can see glimpses of little women in those last pictures. They are so lovely.

tricia*kushman*anderson said...

So fantastic and EXACTLY how I'm feeling!