Monday, May 28, 2012

The Week Begins

the first day of school, September 2011

 Today marks the beginning of what is arguably the simultaneously most exciting and saddest week of the year: the last week of school. It starts off with a holiday--hooray!--and ends with a half-day last day of school, which we usually celebrate with ice cream cones outdoors after the school bus drops the kiddos off (and which, this year, coincides with grandma and grandpa's arrival for Julia's birthday weekend--double hooray!). In between there's the always-fun school talent show and picnic, the last 2nd-grade field trip, kindergarten graduation--a whole parade of exciting events, each marking the end of a wonderful school year.

For me, this week is joy-filled because I can hardly wait for summer vacation to arrive--no more 8 a.m. school bus! No more homework to supervise! No more school lunches to pack! I love summer. I love the sun and the warmth and being outdoors and going to the pool as often as possible. I love trail running in the evenings. I love planning all sorts of fun summer activities for my children. I love our CSA farm. I love it all.

But at the very same time, the end of another school year is melancholy for moms. The passage of time feels harsh, cruel. Your babies are getting bigger, like it or not. And of course you do like it, quite often, for many reasons. No one wants to change diapers forever, for example. But oh, it feels like it will kill you, too, this slipping away of the facts of their little-ness.

So I am sending you hugs and strength this week, other mamas, during this bipolar week of joy and tears. Focus on the joy. Take lots of pictures.


katie k-h said...

I just love your blog~ what a sweet post. In fact, as our children were running around chasing one another with the hose this morning, I felt very tearful thinking about another school year coming to an end.


tricia*kushman*anderson said...

I so agree on every level! You said it sista! : )