Sunday, May 20, 2012

We're All in This Together.

Yesterday was soooo busy. Everything went great, but you may remember I was alone with my kids all day (from pre-wake-up to post-bedtime) while Christopher did a 100-mile bike race in southeastern MN with a friend, plus I took my friend's daughters for eight hours of that day as well, as a belated birthday gift to her and her husband. I made sure to plan lots and lots of activities for the kids beforehand; the key to having a day like that go well is having plenty of ideas at the ready. I also set up little separate play stations throughout the house, so if anyone got tired of or cranky toward anyone else, they could take breaks from each other and get some space. Lastly, I checked out a DVD of "Olivia" cartoons from the library for "quiet time." I was READY.

So what did we do all day? Luckily, the weather was hot and sunny. We went to the park and played at the playground for a long time; we watched a large goose family (lots and lots of goslings), three mallard ducks, and a great blue heron at the pond on our way back from the park; we played house and dress-up and Little People farm and school; we watched our "movie" and ate popcorn; we played in the splash pool and ran through the sprinkler in the backyard and enjoyed Popsicles in the heat; we glued pasta onto cardboard to make brilliant macaroni masterpieces; we made chocolate-chip cookies together; we colored and drew; we each created our own mini-pizzas for dinner. We did everything on my list except the homemade clay sculpting. We had a wonderful day. But I was busy and occupied with one kid thing or another from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. By bedtime, the children weren't the only ones who were wiped out.

I have to admit my head is spinning a little bit. The flurry of May is upon us. As every mom knows, the last month of school always brings a rush of extra events and activities--all fun and exciting, but all filling up the calendar and making the days and weeks seem to speed by even more than usual. We are busy these days with school field trips (three of them!) and chaperoning stints, 2nd-grade Field Day, the school talent show and picnic, teacher gifts, and my usual weekly classroom volunteering. In addition to the school stuff, late spring also brings, to our house, birthday party-planning and -attending, upcoming grandparent visits, and planning for our 2nd ABC Summer. (Yes, I'm doing it again this year! Come along for the ride!)

In a way, I'm glad my head is spinning with busy-ness, because it keeps my mind off the reality of the end of the school year. The end of the school year means that my daughters are done with 2nd grade and kindergarten. I know I say this every year, but the fact of these milestones absolutely blows my mind. Words don't accurately express my utter shock that the school year is over already, and my children are DONE WITH SECOND GRADE AND KINDERGARTEN. I literally get a stomachache (and a heartache) just from typing those words. I could cry, cry, cry. I have adored Julia's 2nd grade teacher, and am heartbroken that our time with her is done. (I hope Genevieve gets her when she enters 2nd grade.) Kindergarten is a magical year, and the last year I'll have a child home with me for half of each weekday. I can't believe it's almost over.

I'm so glad that all my fellow moms out there understand how I feel. I know you all do. I know we're all in this together. Thank God.


Rob Hardy said...

Remember there's a former stay-at-home dad who knows how you feel, too! And now the last of my two is graduating from high school!

Shannon said...

Yes, yes, I am so remiss--my dear friend Rob knows exactly what it's like, as do all stay-at-home dads too! I tend to forget to mention the SAHDs out there, which is horrible of me, but Rob is the only one I know. Rob, I'm glad to have you in my corner and also to have an at-home-parent "mentor" to look to when I need to see what the future may hold. It's hard to believe your youngest is finishing h.s. Life goes on!

Mnmom said...

I was just talking to youngest about those days - I really miss them! Hope we'll see you all at our graduation party!

Last night was the twins LAST choir concert, and it was so beautiful. Like the pretty pink and flowery door on their childhood is slowly swinging shut.

But I'm going to focus on the stunning door of their college years opening next,and watching them blossom into the young women I always hoped they'd be.

Meanwhile, I'll have my youngest still at home. I'll cuddle her when she'll let me and still feed her popsicles.

Angel said...

I have avoided it so far, but I just might break down into an ugly cry at Coop's preschool graduation this year.