Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why Wavy Hair is Perfect for Moms

So have you heard that waves are the new uber-popular style for super-stylish celebrities with long hair? Sure, we've seen gorgeous, pin-straight locks on Reese, J-Lo, and Gwyneth for years, and we've all used our straightening irons to death and all that. But you may have noticed that lately, the trend is long, loose waves--in fact, some might call them beachy waves. Just in time for summer. Score!

Elle, Meg, and Jennifer: waves galore. Yes, I know Jen is not a mom. 
But she does have great waves going on here.

Even I've been jumping on the bandwagon lately. I know you're used to seeing my hair straight, like this.

That's because when my hair began to wave and curl up in places when it grew back in after the babies (side explanation for the uninitiated: during pregnancy your hair gets very thick; then right after childbirth it falls out in heaps--and often re-grows in waves or curls or otherwise altered texture), I straightened it when and where necessary.

But lately I've been letting it look more like this.

Not super-wavy, mainly because these photos were taken late in the day and things had drooped a little, and maybe you can't see it completely here, but there are definitely waves going on in there.

So, what's so fab about waves, particularly for moms, particularly for summer? There's a reason Elle, SJP, and numerous other stylish mom celebs embrace the long loose waves! The key is that they're low-maintenance.

Think about it: unless your hair is impeccably straight and smooth naturally, it's often a bit of a battle to maintain perfect sleekness throughout the course of an active mothering day. The running around outside, the wind, the errands in and out of weather and air-conditioning or heat, the amount of time spent in the company of steamy water (children's baths, dish-washing, boiling macaroni, laundry), the fact that the baby seems to think your hair is a teething toy... It all adds up to a fair amount of fighting reality. The reality that your hair does not care that you are trying to look like Gwyneth Paltrow; it wants to curl and kink and frizz up, dammit! Embracing the current rage for wavy hair means less time trying to undo what your hair does naturally and more time looking like the glamorous mama you are. 

Oh, and in the summer? No one needs to tell you that keeping long hair smooth and perfectly straight during a day at the pool (or the beach) with the kiddos is next to impossible. Plus, who wants to straighten her hair before going to the pool? Go for trendy loose waves this summer and you can lounge pool-side (ha! who am I kidding? I mean "splash in the kiddie pool with the baby") secure in the knowledge that, even though you didn't slave over a hot flatiron, your locks are completely in style and you're looking good.

Just like Elle, Sarah Jessica, and all those other hot mamas out there.

One quick note on achieving the loose wavy style: no one's hair looks exactly like this without a tiny bit of help. A little shine serum, smoothing oil, or styling cream applied to damp or dry ends and a quick blow-dry if you've just washed your hair is the way to start; then you'll likely need to use a curling iron (yes!)--either the old-fashioned kind or the new, "clamp-less" curling wands--and wrap some or all sections of hair around the barrel for a few seconds, to polish ends, smooth layers, and give your natural bedhead waves some definition and structure. This shouldn't take long, and it's totally doable, gorgeous, and worth it--plus it lasts more than a day for the lucky. Rake your fingers through the curls or lightly comb to loosen the waves, and you're done. Beauty blogger Sarah James has a great video tutorial on the perfect loose wave technique, here.

Stylish summer hair. See how perfect for a busy mom?

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