Friday, June 08, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: D and E

It's a summer Friday, so you know what that means: it's time for an ABC Summer weekly report--our first of 2012, in fact! Whether or not you're doing ABC Summer yourself, I hope this post will give you some ideas for fun activities to do with your own kiddos this summer. (For a detailed explanation of what ABC Summer is all about, read this post from last year.)

This week's letters were D and E. (The link above will explain why we don't go in strict alphabetical order, i.e., we did not start with A and B.)

Here are our ABC Summer activities for the week:


* Dug in the Dirt (planting pansy seedlings)
* Checked out library books about Dinosaurs and the Dallas Cowboys
* Made and ate "Dirt" treats (actually chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate grahams, and gummy worms)
* Went Downtown to get Doughnuts at the bakery with our fellow ABC Summer pals

mmm...eating dirt...

* Julia turned Eight
* Read library books about Egypt, Ecuador, Easter Island, and the New England Patriots (humor Genevieve on that last one; there's an E in there somewhere, right?)
* Made origami Elephants (see photo at top)
* Went on two Evening walks (in pj's)

 turning Eight involved butterfly cupcakes for a butterfly-themed "sleep-under" party

 nine little girls did paper posy and butterfly crafts at the party

butterfly/flower crafts ready to go

It was a fun and successful first week of summer vacation and first week of our 2nd Annual ABC Summer. Of course, we kept busy with plenty of other, non-ABC-Summer-related activities, too: we went to the pool three or four times, visited our neighborhood playground, practiced our hula hooping, played with friends at our house and others', drew, read, made art, watched movies, and enjoyed new birthday toys. Summer FTW!


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