Friday, June 22, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: G and P

Mmmm....making pudding pops in our jammies! With bedhead! Gotta love summer.

Whoa, were we busy this week, mamas! I've got a treasure trove of fun kid activities for you all today, whether you're doing ABC Summer along with us or not. Check out all the things we were busy with this week, and have fun sampling some of these activities with your own kiddos this summer:


*made homemade Granola bars
*started Gymnastics class
*checked out library books about Gorillas, Glaciers, and Greece
*did Gumball math/color-by-number sheets
*colored Jan Brett printable coloring pages of Giraffes and Gingerbread houses


*had an indoor Picnic (on a rainy day)
*ate Pie (for Father's Day)
*went to the Pool
*ate Popcorn
*made homemade Pudding Pops
*checked out library books on Polar regions and Planets
*colored Jan Brett printable coloring pages of snow Pups
*made mini Panda Pizzas


Rita said...

Paige has that same Target nightgown! (not that it matters)

I wish you lived closer. I want to come over in my Jammie's and make pudding pops.

Shannon said...

@Rita, you know we'd have a ball if you lived closer. I love that Paige has the same nightgown Julia does. By the way, Julia is growing out her bangs, which is why she looks like a raggedy little orphan girl (albeit in a cute monkey nightgown from Target).