Friday, June 15, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: T and U

Photo: Corey Butler, Jr.,
Flooded road right by our house, Thursday evening 

ABC Summer continues! Here are the alphabet activities my girls and I did this week for the letters T and U:


Played Tennis (well, played around with new tennis racquets and balls in our driveway and on sidewalk)
Ate Tacos
Had a Teddy bear Tea party


Played Uno
Made UV-ray prints*

As always, U was tricky!

But amidst these somewhat sparse ABC activities, we did lots of other fun things, too. For instance, my daughters and their friend made a hopscotch board that went from our driveway all the way to the end of the block. It was 786 squares long. Yes, they chalked and numbered each square. Yes, it took a reeeeeeeeeally long time.

We played at the park and watched the great blue heron that lives on our pond. We went to our town's annual summer outdoor Justin Roberts concert in the park--a much beloved event that always brings out pretty much everyone we know, and is consistently magical and perfect--the kind of event you walk away from in a state of summer-evening bliss, carrying tired-out kiddos and washed in the June sunset and smelling the perfect sweet smell of grass and flowers and small-town summer life.

On Thursday, we attended a kids' Flag Day parade and party organized and hosted by a mama friend of mine, Jen, who is some sort of brilliant and creative supermom, plus she's the nicest person you'll ever meet, too, so I'm sort of in awe of her. Jen invited something like 10 at-home moms and their kids to her house yesterday morning to march around her block in red, white, and blue gear, waving miniature flags, accompanied by march music played from a boombox she rigged up to her toddler's stroller. Yes, yes she did. There must have been 25 kids or more, from babies to 3rd-graders, and we all paraded down her idyllic little street as her neighbors came out to watch and wave. It was adorable. Then we all went back to her house and enjoyed patriotic treats--blue- and red-sugared cookies, watermelon pieces bedecked with red and white flowered picks, strawberries and blueberries, pink lemonade, and super-strong coffee for the moms. (Gotta love Jen.)

We got all that done before a giant rainstorm hit our town (see photo above) and did not let up for some eight or nine hours and more than six inches of rain** later--leaving most roads in town flooded and closed, many cars stranded, and many a basement filled with water. Fortunately, my family was home safe and we do not have a basement, but it was rain like none I've ever seen before. The roads to and from our house bordering the countryside were covered with water and impassable, and our backyard turned into a lake. Parts of the college campus in town were underwater, and the highway coming into town was flooded too.

So, maybe T is for Thunderstorm. Either way, we're fine and looking forward to next week, when our letters are P and G, and Julia coincidentally begins her summer Gymnastics class.

*UV-ray prints: On a sunny day, take several sheets of vividly-colored construction paper and a collection of interestingly-shaped, solid objects (i.e., wooden spoon, block, toy car, etc.) outside. Lay paper in the sun, then place objects on the paper (weigh everything down with rocks if you live in a windy place like we do). Leave in the sun for a few hours (the longer, the better). Remove objects. You should have dark, recognizable shapes on faded paper. Kids love it! 

** Edited to add: I have now heard reports of up to ten inches of rain in our area yesterday within a 12-hour period. CRAZY.

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Heidi Mann said...

I guess it's a little late now, but around our house, U = "Umbrella Walk" -- i.e., walking outside in the rain with, of course, umbrellas! Of course, it sounds like the rain you got was a bit too much for that.