Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Getting Dressed for Summer Vacation

The 30 Day Get Dressed Challenge isn't over yet, you know, people! Have you been getting dressed each day?

It's summer vacation here, and I'm on solo-parent duty for the week as well, so keep in mind that my version of getting dressed this week includes dressing for the pool, the park, picnics, walks with kids, playdates, flower-planting, cooking, and cleaning. Which means, at least today, Old Navy chino shorts, Merona cami from Target, Old Navy cardi, and black patent Birkenstock sandals. Because that's dressing like a busy summer mom.


Rita said...

I'm in love with those sandals!

(totally unrelated: but did you know your comment section has changed? Now I have to enter not one but TWO capcha words in order to post. Did you change it, or did blogger do something sneaky?)

Shannon said...

Rita: I had no idea. I hate doing away with the capchas b/c then I get SO much spam, but I may have to. What a pain!