Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mission Accomplished

So...I realize that the content on this blog has turned into a long stream of book publicity and recipes, which may not be the most compelling material to some readers. Remember the good old days when I used to entertain you with stories of how my daughter thinks "Fahrenheit" is the "bad F-word"? Or, the good REALLY old days when my content was mainly a string of sleep-deprivation-fueled rants about babies who don't sleep? Ah yes.

A funny thing happens after awhile, when you're a mom-blogger. Your children grow up, and your life gets simultaneously busier in a new way and more desperately fleeting than ever, so that you end up spending most of your time living your life while frantically trying to slow down the march of time, which leaves less time for writing entertaining tales about parenting. At least that's how it is for me. Or maybe I've just been spending too much time at the pool and in the sun and at the park and in the woods.

There was something I wanted to tell you about, though. Last week I received the loveliest e-mail from someone who had just read my book. Her name is Amy Barber Kelly, and she gave me permission to use her name on this website and quote from her message. This is what she said about what my book meant to her:

I just finished reading your book, The Essential Stay at Home Mom Manual, and I just really wanted to write you to thank you for the book.

Even though I had a wonderful career, I had always dreamed of being a stay at home mom.  My first son was born 2.5 years ago, and his little brother arrived a year ago.  Being a stay at home mom has just been so different than I ever imagined it would be.  Reading your book helped me so much to better understand some of the things I've been feeling and to think in new ways about some of the tough parts of the job.  I think the thing you wrote that made the biggest impression on me was to think about this like any other job, in the sense that there will be things about the job that you like and things you don't like.  Why did I always feel guilty before for not liking some things about this job? 

As you can imagine, I am writing this email very quickly while BOTH boys are napping!!  The holy grail of stay at home moms, I believe you called it.  So rare in my house still!

So anyway, this is just a really quick note.  If I wait until I have time to compose something nicer, it would just never get done at all.  I just wanted to tell you that so many of the things you wrote in your book made me smile, nod my head and sigh with finally feeling understood.  And I believe that reading your book will help me to get even more joy out of these precious few years when I'm home with my young guys. 

Thank you so much. 


Then later on, in a second note during some back-and-forth correspondence, she asked me to please tell my publisher that I should write a second book.

You guys, this is why I wrote The Essential Stay-at-Home Mom Manual. This is EXACTLY why. And the fact that my book meant enough to this reader that she would use her precious few minutes during THE SIMULTANEOUS NAP to write me a thank-you letter--seriously, every stay-at-home mom knows that you do NOT waste that time!--well, my mission has been accomplished, and my dream of helping other moms derive greater joy and satisfaction out of their time at home with their children has come true.

Thank you, Amy. I hope today is a wonderful day with your boys. And if it's not, well...there's a chapter or two in the book for that, too.

And for all the rest of you, waiting for non-book-related content, I have a post in the works about Summer Must-Haves for Moms, so stay tuned! It'll be fun.

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