Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Time for Anything that Doesn't Involve Sun, Water, Sand, Popsicles, or Ice Cream

Oh, friends. So busy. So, so busy. But busy with summertime fun, which is the best kind of busy, if you ask me. I will have lots of fun photos and news on Friday for my weekly ABC Summer report. Here's a sneak peek:

Have you noticed that I never post pictures of MYSELF with my children? That's because I'm always the one taking the pictures. It's a plight of moms everywhere. Loads of photos of our kids doing all sorts of fun stuff, almost none of us doing all the fun stuff with our children. What can you do? I'm there, I promise. I look pretty much the same. My hair is a little bit longer, and blonder because of the sun. My legs are more toned from all the summer trail running. But for the most part I look the same. My kids, however, keep growing and changing, damn them. How dare they? Good thing the cuteness never goes away.

Back soon. xoxo.

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