Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Wild.

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Follow up on my OMG-I'm-checking-grown-up-books-out-of-the-library post: clearly, I need to read Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS TALKING ABOUT IT, raving about it, recommending it, going nutso over it. And by "everyone," I mean tons and tons of women writers, avid readers, smart people, and Oprah. Not that Oprah isn't all of the above. You know what I mean. (Did you read Oprah's interview with Cheryl Strayed in the latest issue of O Magazine?) 

Seriously, everywhere I look there's something about Cheryl Strayed and Wild. Plus, I first heard about her right before she had a reading from Wild at The Bookcase, the same indie bookshop in Wayzata, MN, that hosted one of my readings this past spring. So I feel, I don't know, connected to her in some deludedly grandiose way! Like, I'm just like Cheryl Strayed! I also wrote a nonfiction book and had a reading at the oldest independent bookstore in the Twin Cities in April, 2012! Only she's famous and New York Times-bestselling, and I'm not! (Yet.) But still!

So, who's read it? Who's dying over it? I need it.

(*Note: Cheryl Strayed even provided a blurb for the back cover of Forgotten Country, the grown-up book I checked out of the library that inspired my rabid OMG-grown-up-books! post, and which I just finished reading, and which is just stunning. So, again: Cheryl Strayed: everywhere. And also: Forgotten Country: amazing, incredible, beautiful book. See? Crazy for grown-up books.)

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