Friday, July 06, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: F and J

Our ABC Summer project continues!

Back in May when my friends Jen, Kathy, and I planned the summer, we naturally assigned the letters 'F' and 'J' to this week--for the Fourth of July. All well and good, but the girls' and my great adventure for the week ended up being a trip to see "Seussical" (the "young audiences" version) at a Twin Cities children's theatre company this morning--which had nothing to do with 'F' or 'J.' It was super fun, though. The performance was excellent. Afterward, I took them out for lunchtime BLTs at a little cafe near the theatre. It was the perfect way to spend a 101-degree day (the only other option when it's 101 degrees is the pool, honestly).

But, moving on--here's what we did for ABC Summer this week:


* celebrated the Fourth of July (also works for 'J'!)
* played with Friends
* went to the Farm
* made 3-D layered paper Flowers (FYI: I got this kit for much cheaper at Target, and it has been a HUGE HIT and has gone a long way--great for pulling out on rainy (or 100-degree) days)
* made Perler bead Flowers:


* celebrated the fourth of July (I need all the 'J' activities I can get!)
* ate Jelly beans
* made Jam tarts (a recipe from the back of the book Anne of Avonlea, very similar to the recipe here):

Some of the activities we didn't get to this week included making homemade Finger paint (see the recipe in the bonus chapter of my book!), making bead Jewelry, and Jumping rope. Oh well--there's only so much you can get done when you spend 3/4 of your time at the pool.

Our week+-long heat wave is supposed to break tonight, so I'm looking forward to temps lower than 90 degrees for the weekend. Yesterday the heat index here was 118 degrees. I don't even want to know what it is right now. Thank God for central air and the city pool.

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