Friday, July 13, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: N

This'll be short and sweet, both because we only did one letter for ABC Summer this week (I'm sure there was originally a reason for this, but I can't remember now) and because I've been gone all morning up to a super-fun "fortress playground" in the Twin Cities suburbs with my girls today and yet still have to get us all ready to go out of town for the weekend tomorrow morning. (More on that later.)

This week's ABC Summer letter was 'N.' Hence the morning/lunch field trip today: the fortress playground (one of those giant, unique playgrounds with a huge, intricate, interconnected, all-wood jungle gym/structure boasting unusual features like tire tunnels, a puppet theatre stage, chain bridges, and the like) was at North Park.

'N' was a surprisingly challenging letter to come up with activities for. Either that or we were too busy with our first week of Vivi's summer soccer session to do much else. At any rate, here's what we did for ABC Summer this week:


* went to North Park
* ate Nuts and Noodles (not together)
* made Noodle art
* painted our Nails
* made Nutter Butter brownies
* checked out a library book about the Night sky (we haven't even read this yet!)
* did N letter maze worksheets

And that's all I have for 'N.' Tomorrow we are off to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and Dugout Site in Walnut Grove, MN--the setting for the book On the Banks of Plum Creek, which I read aloud to my girls chapter by chapter last year, along with the other books in the "Little House" series. I'll be back next week with new letters for ABC Summer, more five-year-old soccer, and most likely many more hours at the pool. I'm a broken record this year!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

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