Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bon Voyage

 Even more fun with a friend

My daughters' neighbor buddy leaves in five minutes for her family's annual month-long trip abroad to visit their relatives in Asia. The buddy who lives right next door. The pal who is my daughters' daily playmate, providing hours of entertainment and companionship as she happily joins them in complex pretend-play scenarios in which the girls all imagine they are pioneer girls, or fairies, or explorers, or mothers with babies. The friend who is a year older than Julia and comes from a solid, strict family, and who therefore has impeccable manners, good values, and an even, mature temperament. Leaving. For four weeks. Allow me to sob a little.

Let me tell you, a next-door buddy like this is a true stay-at-home mom's dream. But even so, we're having a great, busy summer, and the truth is, the girls' schedules and activities have conflicted with one another quite a bit this summer, so we haven't relied on backyard play with friends as much as we normally might. Still, it's always a sad day for me--I mean my girls--when their best neighborhood friend goes away for so many weeks. I foresee some long, LONG afternoons ahead. For me.

If I wasn't so drained from sitting outside watching Genevieve play soccer in extreme heat and humidity this morning, I might have the energy to post photos from our weekend trip. Alas, I do not. I do have the energy, however, to take my daughters to the town square later today for $2 root-beer floats (for charity) and then to the pool. Because that's a no-brainer.

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