Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do My Updo.

I'm telling you, once you have kids, you'll never lack for entertainment. Yesterday I was at the playground with my daughters when they started playing "hair salon."

(Friends, that sentence right there sums up the difference between little boys and little girls. My daughters were playing hair salon at the playground, under the jungle gym, where there was a little metal door type thing and a small stool built into the playset. Of course!)

Julia was being the stylist, and Genevieve was the customer coming to get her hair done. And Julia goes, "Ask for something a curly pompadour."

I barely have time to think, Whaaaa....? when Genevieve flounces over to the stool, plops down, and demands in a client-y sort of way, "Cut it a little, and then give me a leafy twirl."

I'd like to see the entire menu of hairstyling options available at this salon. It sounds pretty interesting, frankly.

I really hope this isn't what the Leafy Twirl looks like.

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Mnmom said...

Have them write a menu! With illustrations!