Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gratitude is All Well and Good But a Vacation Would Be Nice Too.

Every summer I love being a stay-at-home mom more. I love doing ABC Summer. I love taking my kids to the pool (nearly) every day (thanks to grandma and grandpa who once again bought us a family pool pass!). I love going on walks around the block with them during the cranky half hour between whatever afternoon fun we did that day and dinnertime. I love big things like planning "field trips" to the children's theatre or the zoo or unusual playgrounds; I love little things like taking them to Target to pick up eggs and more sunscreen and the portable snacks they like to bring to the pool. I like picking berries with them, chalking on the driveway with them, reading library books with them. I like closing them into separate bedrooms in the afternoon for an hour of cool, dim, quiet time each day, when we all rest or read or nap for a little bit before getting up and tackling the next round of play. I like polishing their tiny toenails out on the patio, watching them run through the sprinkler, giving them Popsicles.

Sadly, none of that pays me a dime, and what I don't love is being in my early 40s and eight years into parenting, and still living paycheck to paycheck and hand to mouth, without enough money to pay off my student loans or go on a real vacation or get my bedroom and bathroom painted. If stay-at-home motherhood paid what it was truly worth financially, I'd be rolling in it.

The idea of getting a job to earn some money for my household, but giving up these precious hours and experiences with my daughters to do so, makes me feel ill. I guess life is all about choices.

Or maybe buying more lottery tickets. There must be a way to make this work, people!


tricia*kushman*anderson said...

Hello! I thought of you when I entered the give away on

Check it! You'd need to get to these locations if you won, but let's deal with that later!!!
AND, 3 people win! Last night only 70 had entered so get it on girl!
: )

Shannon said...

Tricia: I am ON IT! Thanks for the heads up!!!