Thursday, July 05, 2012

Six Summers

I miss you.

 Just a few random thoughts for the day after the 4th of July...

I trust you all had a good holiday. The heat index where I live was 110 degrees yesterday, but we still made it to the annual Criterium bike races in our town in the a.m., where we cheered on a bike-racing friend. (This race is a huge deal; my town is a big biking community and racers come from all over to compete in the Criterium. It's fun to watch because the racers speed around a loop that goes right through our little downtown, so you get to see the pack over and over.) I'm pretty sure the hardy racers suffered a lot more than we did in the heat and humidity.

Later on, we also attended the potluck 4th of July party my friend Dawn hosts every year in her backyard in the country. Dawn and I reminisced to a new guest that she'd been hosting this party for six years; we remembered because the first one was the year my family moved to Northfield and we formed our original playgroup--where four of us mom friends all had 1-1/2 year olds and were pregnant with our second babies. At that first 4th of July party, our friend Connie came out for the first time with her new baby who had been born one month prior; the other three of us were still pregnant and awaiting life as moms of two. I'll never forget that afternoon and the experience of witnessing Connie come in with the infant carseat, and the rest of us waddling over to lean in and ask, How is it? How are you managing? Oh my God, what is it like with two babies under two? Are you getting any sleep at all??? (Of course not.) And now these fast, full years have passed and our 1-1/2 year olds are entering 2nd or 3rd grade, and our newborns (and unborns) are newly or nearly six. But there we were, still friends, in the same kitchen, on the same deck, with our same full hearts and noisy families and busy lives.

Today, on this day after the holiday, life is messy and tired and bug-bitten and still hot. We'll be at the pool this afternoon. I'll be making preparations tonight to take the girls out of town tomorrow morning for a children's play and a picnic lunch. I'm thinking it's time for me to start re-watching "Friday Night Lights" on DVD (we own all five seasons). I really miss that Coach Taylor, and isn't stifling-hot summer the perfect time to watch a series that begins with August football practices in Texas?

Love summer. In all its memory-packed, hot-and-close, stifling busy-ness and kid-craziness.

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