Monday, July 09, 2012

Summer: Soccer, Cycling, & Swimming

Vivi starts summer soccer today. After two summers of watching Julia participate in this program but being too young to do so herself, she could not be more excited to finally get to be a "real soccer player." This is not a competitive, time-intensive, league-type soccer experience; it's a three-week, four-morning-per-week, 45-minute-per-session, beginner soccer skills program offered for young elementary-schoolers by our town's community recreation department. In other words, just perfect for our non-competitive, somewhat lazy, mildly-structured-activity-averse family. The main challenge for us this year will be getting our lazy summer bodies dressed and out the door at 8:50 every morning for three weeks. We're doing almost no community activities this summer, so we've become very attached to our ritual of hanging out in our pj's every morning for a long, long time, doing whatever happens to suit our fancy (or my to-do list) at the time.

Speaking of firsts, over the weekend Christopher and I took the girls to the nearby Cannon Valley Trail to go biking for the first time. The trail is well-known as a beautiful, flat, paved path through many miles of southern-MN countryside and woods, perfect for recreational cycling. We only covered four miles total, because it's hard to go that far with little legs on a little bike, but we definitely got a good taste of how much fun it is. The girls were thrilled by the wooded scenery and beautiful views, not to mention the easy, smooth path. I was having visions of driving back on my own sometime to do a long run there. And this trail is only 15 or so miles from our house! I envision many weekend biking sessions on the CVT as the girls grow up. So fun!

We topped off the weekend not with another new experience but with a beloved tradition: Sunday night picnic dinner at the pool with some of our favorite families. We try to meet friends at the pool every Sunday during the summer, to swim in the late afternoon and then eat supper together. It's a nice way to end the weekend and get the kiddos all worn out and crashed into bed before another busy, blissful summer week begins.

Long live summer! And long live summer adventures, friends, and picnics at the city pool. It doesn't get any better!

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