Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two Little Girls and a Little Dollhouse

Friends. Is it truly Thursday already? What? Where have I been? What have I been doing? I don't know. Mainly taking the littles here and there: soccer, the dollhouse-collection exhibit at the library, the pool, gymnastics class. The dentist to get the 360-degree X-rays for the upcoming braces. (OMG.) The supermarket to get the ice cream and glorious assorted sauces and toppings for the ice-cream-sundae-bar get-together at our house one night after dinner. The prairie and the woods, to run. (That one, not with the littles, but by myself). The pool. The pool. The pool.

My daughters have fallen back in love with their giant dollhouse, the one Santa brought last Christmas. They were also recently handed-down an old handmade table-top dollhouse from our elderly next-door neighbor, so now they set the dollhouses up side by side and play "neighborhood." They have spent several hours this week playing dollhouse neighborhood, constructing elaborate scenarios and schedules for their houses' families, mostly involving chores, playdates, tea parties, and naps.

Amidst this mostly-harmonious activity, I clean, cook, bake, begin to plan for Genevieve's August birthday, and generally keep things humming around the house. I try not to think about how many (few) weeks and days we have left in the summer.

I turn off the news repeatedly, every time my girls come into the room and there's talk of Aurora, CO, on the radio. I am acutely aware of how fervently I want them to stay focused on things like dollhouses rather than on terrifying mass murders borne out of psychotic psychiatric illness. At the grocery store I become angry that every single checkout has the same tabloid facing out, with a photo of the Aurora shooter at his court appearance, eyes spacey and crazy, hair dyed orange, and a large typed headline just below, spelling out "murder" and more. I frantically, surreptitiously, throw a different magazine in front of one of them so we can pay for our groceries. Had my girls seen that photo, they would see that face in their heads at night, in their beds, in the dark.

Hugs to all of you and your littles.


Mnmom said...

Lord I wish the grocery stores would quit putting that stuff at kid-eye-level! They don't need to see that.

In their little neighborhood, you should play the troll doll who has daily tantrums about food, clothes, baths, etc just to see what they'd do.

Anonymous said...

Awaiting more posts!