Friday, August 10, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: C and K

Zumbrota, MN

It's Friday, which means it's time to discuss our ABC Summer activities for the week. It was an odd week; the weather was somewhat cool, and we had some last-minute playdate opportunities arise, both of which meant that we didn't get to the pool this week--not even for our traditional Sunday night multi-family Picnic Dinner at the Pool. (We went to a park instead. Too chilly for swimsuits and water!) I can hardly express how strange it was to have an entire summer week go by with no pool-time. We've been to the pool many times per week since the very first week of summer vacation way back at the beginning of June.

In addition to that strangeness, my running injury has reared its ugly head again and I'm no longer running. (I know; happened very suddenly. Sort of. You know how running injuries often go. It's sort of like they happen gradually--and then all at once.) In other words, my usual routine was all shot to hell this week and I felt completely unmoored. No running, no living at the pool? How do I even know what to do with myself and my kiddos each day? I don't know. It was crazy.

I did my best. The week had some definite high points: flying kites with dear friends after dinner one night, five little girls scattered across an expanse of green field with the sun getting low at their backs; a mamas-and-girls field trip to see the last remaining covered bridge in Minnesota (at a park with the most amazing playground). No need to discuss the lows. At least not today.


made Chalk art on the driveway
ate Cupcakes
ate Chocolate-zucchini Cake
(We also ate lemon-blueberry bundt Cake for the birthday of a friend--so....clearly I know how to properly celebrate 'C' week. Namely, eat lots of Cake.)
went to Covered Bridge Park in Zumbrota, MN


flew Kites
made and ate sandwich Kebabs and fruit Kebabs

Even without the swimming and running, we had a very busy week, including an orthodontist appointment for Julia, four different playdates (three at our own house), a half-day trip to a nearby town to meet up with an old friend from out of state who happened to be back in MN for a few days with her newborn baby, and--coming up this morning--a 2-1/2-hour gymnastics "camp" for both girls. So I basically ran around like a crazy person every day and collapsed on the sofa in a fit of exhaustion every night.

Maybe back-to-school really will have its advantages, after all. I'll be able to rest up. Right?

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