Saturday, August 18, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: R and W

the pretend bride, complete with handmade paper veil and paper bouquet

Ah, what an insanely busy week. Birthdays, day trips, grandparents visiting, parties. Amidst all that, we still managed to do our ABC Summer activities for the week--or most of them, at least.We never did get to watercolor painting or making rainbow pudding pops. Fortunately, I can file those activity ideas away for the next solo-parenting weekend day or listless afternoon.

Our letters this week were 'R' and 'W'. Here's what kept our bodies and brains busy this week:


read the picture book Red Red Red, by Valeri Gorbachev
did the letter R maze, dot-to-dot, grammar, and coloring worksheets
visited Wild Rumpus children's bookshop in Minneapolis (this trip worked for both letters, thanks to the shop's perfect name!)


had a pretend Wedding, complete with white frosted cake we baked beforehand
ate Watermelon
did Water play on the patio

read the picture book Wemberley Worried, by Kevin Henkes (one of our most beloved authors and favorite books, by the way)
went for a Walk
did the letter W maze and coloring worksheets
visited Wild Rumpus children's bookshop

The thing I like best about this list is how it really illustrates how simple ABC Summer can be. Most of the activities here, except the trip to Minneapolis to go to Wild Rumpus, are simple, every-day endeavors easily doable with materials around the house, a library card, and your kids' imagination. The worksheets are free and printed off the Internet--and they help reinforce academic and fine-motor skills. Anyone can do ABC activities with their children. It doesn't take a lot of effort or money or even energy, unless you want it to.


Mnmom said...

I love Wild Rumpus, but somehow never got my kids up there. Probably because I knew instinctively it would cost me $$$$$$$$.

Shannon said...

@Mnmom: Believe it or not, I didn't spend a dime there this time! We were on a "for-fun, looking-only" adventure, not a buying adventure. But admittedly that is tough!