Friday, August 31, 2012

2nd Annual ABC Summer Weekly Report: X and Y

Ah, 'X' and 'Y' week. Always a challenge, these two. If someone out there comes up with some great ideas for 'X' activities--in case we do a 3rd Annual ABC Summer!--let me know. That's a tough one!

Our week was chock-full of last-hurrah summer fun. We visited the pool almost every day. (It closes on Labor Day.) We visited the farm, and U-picked green beans, edamame, cherry tomatoes, and flowers. We had playdates, went to an outdoor movie party, ate popcorn from the downtown cart for the last time this summer, and attended our neighborhood elementary school's Back-to-School Open House. We made chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-flavored Popsicles, which were a huge success! And in between all that, we tried our best to do some ABC Summer activities for 'X' and 'Y.' Here's how we did:

* got plenty of eXercise: kickball, swimming, and more
* made soft pretzels in X shapes (recipe here, and also in my book in the bonus chapter of at-home kids' activity ideas)


* made soft pretzels in Y shapes
* did Yam print painting:

* ate Yams (roasted in coconut oil: YUM!)
* made and ate Yogurt "sundaes"

And that's it! OK, so it was a bit challenging. But I think we did pretty well for the last week of summer vacation--and, thus, (almost) the last week of ABC Summer. (We save 'A' for September every year, so we can pick Apples and visit a local Alpaca farm's annual open house.)

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