Thursday, August 02, 2012

August is Over Four Weeks Long. Think About That for a Second.

So now it's August, and it feels like every conversation I have includes some version of the sentiment, "Can you believe summer is almost over already?!"

This bothers me to no end. It's August 2nd, you all! That leaves an entire month of summer stretching in front of us. (I realize that may not be true where you live, but in MN summer vacation is approximately 12 to 13 weeks long, from early June until the day after Labor Day.) A month is no small parcel, people. A month is a full one-third of summer!

You don't hear anyone saying, on June 1st, "Wow, can you believe it's already almost July?!", do you? So why does everyone mentally skip right over the final month of summer vacation the second the calendar flips to August? It drives me crazy.

Live in the moment, people! Summer's not over yet; it's not even truly almost over, unless you consider 33% left as almost over. I keep reminding my children of this, because they've begun echoing the school-supply ads and the adults they hear, exclaiming (sometimes with melancholy, sometimes with excitement for the new school year to come) how crazy it seems that "summer is almost over." When I tell them there are still 4-1/2 weeks of summer vacation, they seem surprised.

I want to train my girls to enjoy each day as it comes, not miss out on the simple pleasures in front of them because they're so focused on a big event on the calendar next month. "There's lots of summer left!" I tell them. "Don't forget about the whole rest of summer. We've got a lot of summer fun ahead of us, still."

I say the same to you. August has just begun. How are you going to live the next month to its fullest?


Heidi Mann said...

Great reminders! Great post!

Rita said...

Oh how I wish we could start after Labor Day!! Our back-to-school conference is THIS FRIDAY. Then the kids start back next week.

So for us, the beginning of August really IS the end of summer *sob*.

Shannon said...

@Rita, do you know, I actually thought about you (and all my Southern readers) when I wrote this post? I learned several years back that down South, you all start school super early. Do you get out really early too? Or are you all just way smarter than we are, because you go to school for so many weeks each year? ;)

Jenna said...

I disagree really. The neighboring school district went back two days ago (and we're not down south). We still have a week and a half of ours, but started earlier last year. We are on our last full week of summer, despite what the calendar and "first day of fall" really say. Our schedule is unfortunately dictated by school once they hit elementary years.

Shannon said...

@Jenna: Oh yes, I agree. My point was that where I live, we DO have an entire month until the first day of school, and yet people go around talking as if summer is over. Our schedule is dictated by the school district as well (my kids are both in elementary school).