Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bill Me Later

I had one of those mornings where money seemed to be leaking out of my very pores and leaving a trail behind me wherever I went. Well, actually, no--because that would mean I was made of money, wouldn't it? So, not quite that.

Fifty dollars at the vet for daily thyroid medication for a cat so elderly that, were her age akin to human years, she'd have memories of the Roaring Twenties. A consult at the orthodontist--a universe I had never before visited, not even in my youth--for the child who, it has been determined, will inevitably require braces. (OMG). Not right now, thank heavens, but eventually. Which gives me plenty of time to, what?--save up? (Ha.) Lastly: a stop at the grocery store for a handful of things which, even though they included no overpriced packaged snacks and I had a coupon and/or a sale price for all but one, still added up to 35 dollars.

I'm studiously avoiding the thought of the back-to-school shopping (clothes and shoes, I mean) that's coming up this month. Not to mention praying that daughter number two inherits MY teeth.


Rob Hardy said...

I just (for the first time) put two tuition checks into the mail!

Shannon said...

@Rob: You know what they say: "Little kids, little problems, big kids..." Or was that little vs. big BILLS?

Rita said...

Oh man, I hear ya! In addition to supplies, PTA memberships, meal tickets, and uniforms, we also have to buy all of William's textbooks.

My August expenses give me a rash.