Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On the Go

Wow, we have a busy week over here. It's only Tuesday afternoon, and so far this week we've already had a 90th birthday party for our dear next-door neighbor, Julia's gymnastics class, Genevieve's pre-first-grade reading assessment at the elementary school (where I think she blew her soon-to-be teacher out of the water with her ability to easily spell the words "confident" and "pleasure" and read 4th-grade chapter books aloud), several humdrum but necessary errands, and (earlier today) a day trip to one of my favorite neighborhoods (an hour away) in Minneapolis, where we visited a kids' bookstore, a toy store, a bakery, and a playground (details to come on Friday).

Did I mention it's only Tuesday, and coming up this week we still have Genevieve's 6th birthday (with the requested birthday dinner of homemade pizza and ice cream sundaes); a pool date with friends; farm share pick-up; Julia's classmates' pool party at the home of her old 2nd-grade teacher, as a reward for reading all summer; grandparents coming to visit; sports-themed cupcakes to make; and a birthday party to plan, prep for, and host? Oh, did I mention that so far I have nothing planned for this birthday party other than the sports-themed cupcakes? And that her birthday is tomorrow, but I still have to wrap presents? Ah well. There's still time.

My reward for all this craziness will be on Saturday evening, when grandma will be providing free babysitting so that Christopher and I can go out for a belated anniversary-date dinner and movie. (Our 17th anniversary was yesterday. No, we're not super old. We got married when we were mere babies.)

I could say so much more--there is always more I could talk about--but I can barely keep my eyes open, and I have two little girls here begging to go to the park. So, off we go. Then, back home to make dinner, put kiddos to bed, and clock an hour on my elliptical machine, which is standing in these days for my usual runs. (Injured.) In the morning I'd better get myself to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients and necessary icing accoutrements to make these. 

Whew! This job never ends. And it's a good thing, too. Job security, you know.

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Mom/Nonna said...

Who said anything about babysitting for free??? Ha ha.