Monday, August 27, 2012

One Week to Go

I love these two cuties--my constant companions.

This is our final week of summer vacation. In my town, school begins the day after Labor Day--one week from Tuesday.

Normally, the phrase "final week of summer vacation" makes me horribly sad. I love summer so much--for the weather, outdoor activities, etc. AND for the unstructured time with my kiddos. As all my mom friends know, the end of summer is extremely difficult and emotional for me, and I'm never ready for it.

Until maybe this year.

I fear I have hit my limit of mama-stamina for constant (CONSTANT! No day camp! No sitter! No stay at the grandparents'! No park programs!) interaction with my children. For their constant need for supervision, assistance, and referee intervention. For the energy and effort that goes into planning, executing, supervising, and cleaning up after scores of summer activities. For keeping them entertained 9 hours a day, for cooking/preparing all their meals and snacks, for having their company on every errand, appointment, and shopping trip. Thirteen weeks is a whole lot of all that. This year was even more of all that, because I solo-parented for a whole week way back in June (Christopher had a work trip) and for many summer weekend hours so he could go on training rides for his 100-mile bike races. That's fine; I agreed to do it, but the bottom line is that's just a heckuva lot of kid time, all day every day, and not a lot of break from the challenges and demands of full-time parenting.

I love them to NO END, I even love doing all of the above most of the time--I CERTAINLY wouldn't give up this job for anything in the world--and summer will always be my favorite time of year I am sure, but I'm tired, you all. I may even be ready for school to begin.

Maybe. Just a little.

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