Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pre-September Preparations

December, 2009. Wearing the same shirt she wore through spring 2012.

This morning I took both girls to the pediatrician (who is also my awesome friend and fellow mom Heidi) for their annual well-checks. These are supposed to be scheduled around their birthdays but since Julia's isn't strictly required anymore, I can schedule them both at the same time right after Genevieve's birthday and kill two birds with one stone. (Actually I don't think Genevieve's is actually "required" anymore either, now that she's had her five-year-old pre-Kindergarten shots--last year--but I do like an annual check-up just to monitor Julia's heart murmur and both girls' growth and whatnot.)

Turns out my sweet little eight-year-old is still .75 inches away from four feet tall (she's dying to hit four feet, for some reason) and is barely skimming the 6th percentile for height. Poor little honey. She's so adorable, yet all she wants is to grow. As for Genevieve, she only gained two pounds in the last year and has yet to break the 40-lb. barrier at six years old, but her height and weight percentiles-for-age at least reach the double digits.

My little cuties.

After their appointments, Genevieve went on a playdate so Julia and I took the opportunity to do a little closet inventory for the upcoming third-grade year. One advantage to having tiny kiddos who barely grow is that they wear the same clothes for a long, long time. Example: we just now moved four size 5T shirts and two size 5T dresses over to Genevieve's side of the closet, from Julia's side. Julia got those items three years ago at the beginning of kindergarten and is just now growing out of them. (They're easy, loose styles that were easy to grow in, but STILL.) Yes, she wore these same clothes for three school years. And on Genevieve's side, she's got size 4T shorts she still adores, and the new 5T swimsuit I just bought for her was too big. They both also have sandals they've worn for two summers now--sizes Todder 10 (Genevieve) and Toddler 12 (Julia). Yes, my 3rd-grader still wears Toddler shoe sizes.

I am not complaining. NOT AT ALL. For the most part, the lack of growth spurts in this family makes my life very easy.

Next up: buying Genevieve her first lunch box. Do you think I've learned anything since this experience? Dear God, let's hope so.


tricia*kushman*anderson said...

OMG! They are tiny!!!! Lauren is already in a size 7 and size 13 shoe!!! She had a pair of sandals in May that she's already outgrown! She's gonna be a tall one. I'm 5'9, my hubs is 5'10 and we come from a TALL family. My sister is 6'0! It does make it easy on you though! : )

Shannon said...

@Tricia: I know. My hubs is 5'10" too (with giant feet) but I'm only 5'3" and 110 lbs usually (though ahem not quite that right at the moment....) with a size 7-1/2 shoe so I think the girls take after me. Julia does wear sizes 6 and 7 now though....sometimes. Most 7s only fit her in tops; they're way too long in pants. Genevieve wears 5Ts most of the time along with some 4/5s (girls' sizes rather than toddler) and the occasional 6. They both have really small feet for their ages, Julia especially. It cracks me up but I love not having to shop constantly!

Rita said...

Oh my goodness Shan! Your babies are TINY. Just TEENY! Which makes them all the more adorable!

My children are giants. They tower over other children. It's sort of sad. In fact , just today I realized that I'm completely done with the toddler section at Target. Paige (who just turned 4) is wearing a size 6!! William (age 8) is wearing a TEN.