Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tired But Happy


Last night my daughters got to bed three hours later than usual. It was the night of our friends' annual End-of-Summer Outdoor Movie Party, when literally almost every family we know in our town comes to these friends' backyard with camp chairs, bug spray, blankets, and sleeping bags for the kiddos, with the littles dressed in pj's and everyone ready to crash out on the lawn to watch a Pixar DVD on a big sheet/screen strung on the playset.

Our friends put up tiki torches and convert their screened porch into a snack center, with bowls of mini candies, jars of glow sticks, and paper bags of popcorn. There's a bonfire in the back of the yard for the grown-ups, and the driveway is festooned with chalked renditions of every child guest's name and the greeting, "Welcome, Friends!" It's ah-maaaay-zing fun.

Halfway through the movie, amidst the giggles and good-natured commotion, a friend of mine turned and said to me, "I just love our town!", and I couldn't have agreed more. When you're surrounded by that much love, friendship, and fun, how can you not?

Of course my daughters were up by 6:30 a.m. But I didn't expect anything less (more?) from them, so that's fine.

We've got a busy day ahead. Although a morning playdate was cancelled due to illness (not ours, thank goodness), it's the day before School Open House during the last week of summer vacation; there's plenty to do.

It's our last chance to have "Popcorn Wednesday" (a personal tradition between the girls and me); I promised my daughters long ago that I'd take them out for lunch during the last week of summer, so we may do that today, too; we still haven't made chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-flavored Popsicles, and those are definitely on our must-do list! We've got a friend's birthday to shop for, three pairs of swimming goggles to replace (one for the pair Genevieve lost; one for the pair Genevieve borrowed from friends to replace her lost ones, and then lost; one pair for the pair of Julia's that finally broke at the pool yesterday), and groceries to buy. It's going to be 95 degrees today, so there's the pool. (This is the last week for the pool!)

It never ends. It's all wonderful. It's all amazing.

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