Monday, September 24, 2012


Hi, friends. I've been busy with mundane, wonderful family life.

I spent the weekend making squash-and-Swiss-chard lasagne at 5 a.m. (there's a backstory there, but it's not very exciting), eating apple pie and drinking wine in celebration of a friend's birthday, browsing my town's weekly Saturday-morning RiverWalk Market (a farmers' market/craft show on our town's square by the river) with my family, walking around downtown and stopping at the library for new books, drinking coffee, running a lot (6 miles on Friday, 6 miles on Saturday, 7 mile on Sunday, go me!), baking dark-chocolate marble loaf cake for the first time (a gift for a friend), making homemade kale-white bean-potato soup, watching Downton Abbey on DVD with my husband, eating Ben & Jerry's while watching Downton Abbey (one of the perks of running that many miles), taking my daughters to swimming lessons, and getting our family portraits taken.

Which is why I had no time to write, and still don't, really.

What did you do over the weekend?

(Sorry--real post coming soon.)

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