Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'll Stop the World and Melt Down With You.

In happier times (like last Tuesday) at the college where their dad works.

 You guys! I just can't maintain my pedometer streak. (I promise I won't start talking about pedometers all the time now.) I wore it Monday, and racked up over 13,300 steps despite no walk and no run, but yesterday I wore a dress (remember? design flaw!) so couldn't clip it anywhere.

This morning I woke up sick (again--or...still?). I'd been feeling basically fine since Monday, and so without even thinking about it I'd been extreeeeeemely busy. Like, multiple errands, a 6-mile run, a Jillian Michaels strength workout (ouch), a ton of housecleaning, planning and arranging details for getting our family portrait taken this weekend, scheduling kids' haircuts and carpet cleaning, cooking up a storm, ETC. Plus I keep inexplicably waking up at 4:30 in the morning (hormones? who knows). Then yesterday after school Genevieve had the meltdown to end all meltdowns--one that included throwing herself onto the floor and wailing, and which went on for nearly an hour, even after I sent her to her room--because (are you ready for this?) I offered to drive them to the park to play after school since their next-door neighbor buddy was at gymnastics and wouldn't be out in the yard. Oh, and both girls had wanted me to take them to the park after school the last time I spoke to them.

There was no intermediate interaction. There was just me, saying, "So which park should we go to?" and then Genevieve crying, yelling "no", and throwing herself onto the floor. Ah, parenting. What would we do without all the excitement? My life would be a boring hollow shell without it. (Actually, that's sort of true.)

Then I got called "the meanest mom in the whole world" a few times. For offering to take her to the park.

I know. Child Protective Services ought to start an investigation right away.

After feeling fine for two days, I woke up today with a return of the raging cold symptoms that had faded by Monday.

I blame the meltdown.


Mary S. said...

Don't blame the meltdown. Could your symptoms actually be allergies? This is the worst year in ages for ragweed and there is lots, lots, lots of ragweed around Northfield, all in bloom right now. My symptoms are often worse when the wind picks up. Hope you feel better soon.

Shannon said...

Aw, darn, can't I blame the meltdown for SOMETHING?

I do get allergies sometimes, but this is definitely a cold I caught from Genevieve last week. I get this predictable super-sore throat/headache/double-earache combo. Every single time. That's what a "cold" is to me (sometimes morphs into sinus infection, bronchitis, and/or pinkeye). I know! Fun. ;)