Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Sparing You Any Photos; You Should Thank Me.

As soon as the girls left for school this morning I went off to run a bunch of errands. I wanted to get them done as early as possible because Genevieve came down with a cold yesterday and I was afraid I was going to get a call from the school at some point today asking me to come get her. I wanted to get all the shopping and errands out of the way before that might occur (it hasn't, by the way; she must be doing okay). I was running around getting groceries and returning books to the library and whatnot, and at one point during my various stops I was struck with a sudden, dramatic pang of loneliness. I thought, Oh, I really miss having company on my errands. It seemed really sad, all of a sudden, to be doing the shopping without Genevieve along, like she was all last year (and the year before, and...). It was just me. No little somebody in the back seat to chat with. No little someone to click in and out of her carseat, or let pick out a cookie at the grocery store bakery case, or have help me put the purchases up on the checkout counter. I've hardly done those things alone at all, in eight whole years.

A friend of mine said that she'd recently run into a fellow stay-at-home mom with kids older than ours, who had asked my friend how she was liking this new business of having both children in school all day. My friend responded that she thought it was going to take awhile to figure it out. She told me that this other mom said to her, "It will. And when you do, you're going to love it."

I think that mom was right; there are already some things about it that I love. (Exercising during the daytime, for instance, and having the time to cook and bake really good meals and snacks and treats for my family on an every-day basis rather than just when I can fit them in between my kids' activities and bus stop runs and all the rest.) But it's definitely strange, too. I definitely have not figured it all out yet.

In other news, over the weekend while I was blazing through a trail run as fast as possible because I was solo-parenting but both kids were at playdates and I wanted to get my run in while I had the chance, I tripped on a large, unseen root (I run on pretty rough trails at times) and flew through the air, landing on my front on both hands and both knees/shins. I hit the ground so hard that my phone stopped working for awhile (it's fine now) and my whole body ached for more than 24 hours afterward, even when I sat motionless with ice packs on my bruises. Most notably, I look like I got into an altercation with a porcupine, or, um....a gravel/dirt/rocky running trail...and my legs and knees are covered in scratches, scrapes, and bruises. I'm trying to come up with a really dramatic, impressive, exciting (false) scenario to tell people when they ask me what I did to my legs.

Let me know if you have any good ideas.


Christopher Tassava said...

My nomination for a " really dramatic, impressive, exciting... scenario" is the true one: going running in the woods when you could be lounging at home!

Rita said...

No, Christopher, she should keep all aspects of the story the same, BUT ADD A BEAR.

"Outran a bear". Now THERE'S a story!