Friday, September 07, 2012


The girls and I had a successful first week of first grade, third grade, and new-phase-of-at-home-motherhood. Whew! What a lot of events and emotions packed into a short week! We celebrated the end of the first week of school with a visit to a nearby apple orchard, where we bought Honeycrisps, ate mini sugared doughnuts fresh from the fryer, and picked out squares of homemade mint and peanut-butter fudge, which we sampled outside by the rose garden before a walk around the pond. It was a lovely afternoon, capped off by a cartoon movie and a cozy bubble bath. It may sound mundane, but life is good. So much of motherhood appears mundane from the outside, but means so much where it matters.

I'm not the only one mom who traversed the sometimes-rocky seas of back-to-school this week, so I hope you all made it safely to the shores of Friday afternoon, too. Love you, mama friends! The kids are all right.

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