Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Early Autumn Baking

Just a peek at some of what I've been busy with this autumn:

 Baking, of course.

The pie I made last weekend. I used my famous (at least in my social circle!) rhubarb crumble pie recipe, using late-season rhubarb my dear friend Laura gave me (how nice is Laura?! so nice!), but because I didn't have four cups of it, I also used about 1-1/2 cups frozen (unthawed) blackberries I had sitting in my freezer. (For future reference: I will take any extra rhubarb anyone ever has, ever, at any time. Just keep that in mind if you're one of those lucky souls with an overgrown rhubarb patch.)

I think it's time to re-run this recipe, since I get requests for it all the time. You can substitute other fruits for any or all of the rhubarb, but if you do, you'll have to reduce the sugar quite a bit. For the rhubarb-blackberry version I made last Sunday, I reduced it to 1 generous cup. If you use only sweeter fruit (no rhubarb), I'd halve the recipe's amount, for sure. Click here for the recipe.

Be warned: this pie is dangerously addictive, absolutely delicious, juicy, tart and sweet, and if it's in your fridge (where I recommend you store the leftovers), you may just be tempted to eat it out of the pie plate, with a spoon, in place of your lunch. Not that I've done that. But I've been very, very tempted.

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Rita said...

Hooray for falling! (hahaha!!)

It's funny how bad things can end up being a blessing sometimes.

It's still super hot here, but we're expecting a cold front on Sarurday. I can't wait for crisp fall weather! I know it will make my runs easier.