Saturday, October 13, 2012

Elementary-School Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Yesterday I did the stay-at-home mom thing whole-hog and showed up at my daughters' elementary school's soccer field three separate times to walk laps for the school's annual (fundraiser) Walk-A-Thon. Parents are invited to join their child(ren)'s class(es) at the different grades' own walking times (half an hour a time, which ends up being about four laps, or one mile)--though not that many can/do--many parents have to work, obviously, or have younger babies/toddlers, or other schedule complications--and then there's an all-school, all-family walk at the very end of the school day, when most parents show up.

Two and three years ago, I only had one child in elementary school; I did the classroom walk and the family walk. Last year, Genevieve was in afternoon kindergarten, which meant that her class walked only the family session because they weren't there in the morning for the classroom walks. I did Julia's morning walk and the family walk. This was the first year I had two children in two different morning classrooms. I walked with Genevieve in the first grade, with Julia in the third grade, and with both for the family walk. And let me tell you, if three miles total felt like a lot to ME, imagine what two feels like when you're only 3-1/2 feet tall! I was proud of my little walkers.

Yesterday I also signed up to help with both girls' classroom Halloween parties. That puts me at the 1st-grade party from 11:45 to 1:15, and at the 3rd-grade party from 1:30 to 3:00. You might as well just get the Advil ready for me right now.

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