Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home Sweet Small-Town Home

photo courtesy Griff Wigley &

This is the town I live in. Doesn't it sound incredible?

For a town the size of Northfield (population: 20,000, with nary a single movie theater to be found), the live music activity is impressive, and signs of a cohesive scene are everywhere — from the area’s fertile roots (The Nightcrawlers, The Big Wu, Something Fierce, Gospel Gossip, Casey Wasner, Rogue Valley, Tapes ‘n’ Tapes, Storyhill, Spymob, Afternoon Records, and many more got their start in Northfield dorms, clubs and coffeehouses, including Carleton College’s seminal new music club The Cave), to the current crop...  Throw into the mix a healthy house concert scene; an insatiably curious and well-educated populace; a pipeline of music-mad high schools and colleges...the locally owned and truly independent KYMN-AM; and the lure of Division Street in downtown becomes clear...that Northfield “could be a mini-Olympia, Washington, or Athens, Georgia."
To be sure, something outlaw and Wild Wild Midwest is baked into Northfield itself...  From the sounds of it, the wide-open prairie provides unique inspiration. Similarly, the area seems to be populated by particularly good listeners – nurtured by a studious landscape and spiritual silences.

For the entire article, by renowned music writer Jim Walsh, go here.

Of course, a separate article in the same vein could be written about my town and its writing scene, too. After all, we are the home of Sidewalk Poetry.

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