Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Retail Therapy

at the lovely Sogn Valley Craft Festival on a really cold day

The other day I read this post on Momastery, and laughed really hard over the part about how the phrase "money can't buy happiness" is inaccurate, and how, in fact, money does a really good job at buying fleeting happiness. Word, Glennon. Target is my mood-improvement destination as well. Well, Target and various websites. A couple of weeks ago the online sales were ridiculous everywhere, and come on, how can you NOT buy a few things when J. Crew Factory runs a 30% off sale? I got some GREAT deals, you all.

I had a stellar online shopping week. Every single item I ordered fit me perfectly. How often does that happen? The shopping gods were looking out for me.

Because shopping does not seem like a worthy enough activity to have kept me from writing regularly over the past week or so, I'll try to come up with a few more things I've been busy with. None of it sounds all that engrossing, but the thing about parenting is that it's really in the details. For example, last week I lost an entire couple of days to problems with this new school bus driver my daughters have. We used to have this wonderful, saintly, cheerful, kind driver who'd had the route for years and years (long before my kids were in school) and who knew everyone by name and did special things like talk to them specifically about their days and give them Rolos on Halloween. This year we have this crabby, odd, unfriendly driver who snaps at the little kids when they can't find an open seat and pulls the bus over repeatedly and tells the children to "shut [their] mouths" and makes them late for school. When you just know it's not the kids, because our old driver never, ever had to do that. And you just think, Listen, if you don't like children, maybe you shouldn't be an elementary school bus driver. You know?

Seems minor, I know; but when you're a parent, these things can eat up entire days, because your kids come home from school in tears and you have to get it out of them, and then you have to talk to other parents, and call the bus company, and watch and wait, and keep an eye on things.

Also, in order to support my online shopping habit (oh, and pay bills), I applied for a job. Just a little, minor, part-time, fun, tiny, non-serious job, one that I'll tell you about if it goes anywhere. But it took me an entire morning to complete the online job application, because apparently in this market of ten million people for every one tiny job (I perhaps exaggerate a small amount), you can ask essay questions and personality assessments for part-time seasonal jobs. (It really did take me a whole morning.)

There is so much more I could say, but I sense your boredom. So I'll just quickly say this, in case you're a grandma who really would like to know what we've been doing. Swimming lessons, leaf piles, autumn arts/craft festival, homemade pie, hike in the woods, self-serve frozen yogurt shop, bike rides, playdates, homework, playground, cooking, school fundraising, planning for upcoming school conferences AND fall break. Whew. Oh, and I did a reading from my book for the parents' group at a local church, which was a grand success with a large turn-out and some book sales, too. Woot! Super fun. (Two more book readings coming up in November, too.)

I'll try really hard to come up with more enthralling material next time. Cheers. Happy shopping!

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