Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So, So Worth It.

I had a bit of a crazy day yesterday. I had our carpets professionally cleaned (for the first time since we moved in, uh, almost seven years ago, cringe) so I couldn't walk anywhere in our house and all the furniture was stuffed in odd places. (Note to self: Much like touching up one's highlights, carpet cleaning is always, always worth it, and once you do it, you'll wonder why the hell you didn't do it a LONG time ago. Except, in the case of carpet cleaning, the reason you didn't do it earlier is because you had LITTLE CHILDREN who would have spilled all over the carpets the minute you had them cleaned.)

Then later in the day we had the children's parent-teacher conferences. I won't say much about those other than that my six-year-old's standardized reading score was 202. The average score for children her age is 160. To be frank, considering the fact that she is reading books for 6th graders, that 40-point differential doesn't even seem to adequately illustrate the situation. I feel like her score should be, oh, 500 or so.

I will repeat my usual disclaimer: when I write about these things regarding Genevieve's extreme intelligence, I am not boasting. I am just as incredulous as you are. I do not know what to make of such genius. We had a long talk with her 1st-grade teacher about the journey we are on, parenting such an unusually gifted child--about how we will always have to be re-evaluating her schooling, her needs, resources for families with gifted children, other ways to challenge her. Julia is extremely bright as well--her scores were mad high too, and her teacher just shook her head over the crazy-advanced test scores on Julia's conferences report--but Genevieve is in another realm. She is like a different being. I don't know how or why she was blessed with the brain she has. It will be incredible to see what she does with it in her lifetime.

Anyway, I apologize. You probably don't care one whit about how smart I think my kid is. So, I will direct you to this post by my friend Rita, because it sums up EXACTLY how I feel about my life as a mom right now, too, and she seems more able to write interesting and lovely posts right now than I am. Thanks, Rita.

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Rita said...

I feel intimidated by Paige's intelligence sometimes and she is, I would guess, only slightly above average. Nothing like Genevive. I wonder how I will parent a child that will someday be smarter than I am. Ha!