Friday, November 30, 2012

First Grade = Germ Factory

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The last time I wrote here I was gearing up to do an author appearance at a moms' group about an hour's drive away, and stressing about making it in time after putting my daughters on the school bus. Turned out that less than an hour later, Genevieve woke up with a flaming case of pinkeye. In case you're not familiar with pinkeye, kids can't go to school for the first 24 hours of coming down with it; and you need to get antibiotic eyedrops right away to treat it.

I sent an early-morning, apologetic e-mail to the woman in charge of the moms' group, knowing that if you have to cancel at the very last minute because of a sick child, a group of fellow moms is probably the best possible audience on which to cancel. Within ten minutes, despite the ungodly hour, I had a reply back, assuring me that they understood and will reschedule in the future. Thank God for fellow moms. They get it. Every time.

[Side note: Literally THE DAY BEFORE this occurred, I was at the bus stop with my neighbor Dave and our kids, discussing winter viruses (because that's what parents talk about when they get together), and I actually said, "Everyone in my house is healthy right now! I'd better knock on wood!" And we kind of laughed about how I shouldn't have said that out loud. And then the next day Genevieve wakes up with pinkeye. "You tempted the universe," Dave told me on Facebook later. INDEED. LESSON LEARNED.]

So, on Wednesday Genevieve and I went to the clinic, the pharmacy, and a few other quick errands I needed to do. Then we spent the rest of the day doing Christmas crafts, making homemade granola for holiday gifts (it freezes, you all! I'll give you the recipe sometime soon. And no, I didn't let Genevieve touch it with her germ-infested fingers), and watching "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS. (I'm sorry, but that is just not the same as Mister Rogers. Not the same at all.)

Yesterday Genevieve was back at school, despite her six days left of four x/daily eyedrops. I'd washed all her towels in hot water and prayed that Julia doesn't catch pinkeye now.

After the school bus pulled away, I went to Target on a Christmas-shopping errand, and ran into our pediatrician (and my friend) in the underwear section. Because sometimes when you're on a Christmas-shopping expedition you remember that you could use some new underthings. Am I wrong? I told her that someone needs to invent a vaccine for pinkeye.

And that's my exciting, exciting life. Sick kids, towels, pharmacy, homemade granola, underwear. The usual.

How is the holiday season going in your house?

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