Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks for Butter and Sugar, the Two Main Holiday Food Groups.

This is what the littles and I are busy with, this Thanksgiving week:

Making holiday cookies to send to a family in need. If you feel like helping someone too, you should really check out the Holiday Hands project via Monkee See Monkee Do, the famed blog Momastery's offshoot charitable organization. Women helping women, yo! (In case you're wondering why we're doing this now, rather than, say, in December--Holiday Hands is designed to be done before Thanksgiving, so everyone can relax and enjoy their families and celebrations rather than have one more thing to cross off their to-do list. We are making goodies that will go in the freezer until Christmas, for a family who otherwise wouldn't have holiday treats this year.)

Today, in addition to being thankful for the GORGEOUS, WARM, SUNNY, 60-DEGREE WEATHER (and the forecast for mid-60s by mid-week), my baker-helpers, the ability to help others (think I already gave thanks for these, but they bear repeating)....I am also thankful for: Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie, candy canes, red and green M&Ms, and all the seasonal treats that appear at this time of year. Mmm, mmm.

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!

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