Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Activity for Kids

By Sunday afternoon of Thanksgiving break, it was time for a playdate. My kids were bored of just being home with family, and it was cold outside but there's no snow, so playing in the yard wasn't even fun. We invited a little friend over for each child and let them have at it.

As one part of the double playdate, I had the four girls do a little craft. You may remember I posted it here last year. It is so cute, and was such a hit, that I thought I'd remind you about it, in case you're looking for an easy holiday craft to do with your own kiddos.

This project is a Santa face made with your child's handprint as the beard (see photo above). If you want full directions and photos, go here. You'll end up with a cute holiday decoration to tape up somewhere in your house or hang on the fridge door.

Have fun!

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