Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Can Be Thankful for TV and the Internet, Right?

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 Today: Thankful that I can watch "Nashville" online the day after it airs, because I cannot stay awake long enough to actually watch it on TV the night before. This is one aspect of technology I can really get behind: TV show episodes available online to watch whenever you want. I only do this with "Nashville" (and, last spring, with "Smash"), but that's all I need.

And yes, I watch "Nashville." Religiously. I realize it's a bit soap-opera-ish, but hey, I need my Connie Britton fix after the end of "Friday Night Lights." Plus, both "FNL" and the movie "Country Strong" (you recall my obsession with Gwyneth) have endeared the South to me. Plus, there's Rita and Susan in Oklahoma City. They are so adorable. The South must be full of adorable and stylish women with great hair.

So there you have it. So thankful for internet TV.

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Rita said...

Yes. It's true. The entire south is full of adorable stylish women.