Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isn't Pumpkin Sort of a Christmas Flavor Too? No?

 You guys. So busy. Too busy to investigate why people are not able to leave comments on my blog, and too busy to have (yet) put up the lovely pregnancy/nutrition post by guest writer Katie Moore, which, yes, is still on the agenda! Katie, I have not forgotten. My life is a little nutso right now.

Today I am driving up to a Twin Cities suburb to do a book reading at a moms' group meeting. Unfortunately today is Wednesday, which is Late Start Day for my town's schools, which means I put my girls on the bus an hour later than usual. Meaning that the SECOND they are on the bus, I need to take off in my car and pray that I make it up to this other town in time. Time is so tight I am actually DRIVING the three of us to the bus stop (half a block away), so when the bus pulls away I can just leave rather than taking the time to walk back to our garage.

Adding the stress of travel and a tight schedule to the normal stress of a speaking engagement: always fun.

Ah well. It will be fine I am sure.

In other news, did you know that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is no longer being made at Caribou Coffee? I went in there the other day after a long and taxing hair salon appointment (kidding about the taxing part) because THERE IT WAS, RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the salon, how could I just drive by and go home? I mean, really. I was dying for an iced pumpkin latte. All dehydrated and thirsty from my taxing hair appointment, you know. And the lady at the counter tells me that no, it's Christmas now, no more pumpkin! What? Ridiculous. She talked me into a peppermint mocha and it wasn't nearly as good. Bah humbug.

These are the adventures that fill my days. (Actually, many far more important adventures fill my days, but none I'm going to write about here, now.) Well, these and Christmas shopping and writing and planning and decorating and running and mothering and cooking and reading the novel State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. Have you read it? It's incredible. So good. Go read it. But don't tell me what happens at the end because even though I find it hard to put down, in reality my life is such that I only have time to read a few pages at a time, so the going is slow, people.

I'm also very busy thinking about, but not doing, my Christmas cards.

Sorry for the unorganized post about nothing anyone cares about. Truly, I'm sorry. Moms' lives are busy. I'll get back to you. I hope you're doing well and drinking pumpkin lattes on my behalf, somewhere.


tricia*kushman*anderson said...

Testing out leaving a comment! Does it work???!!!! : )

Shannon said...

OK, that worked, Tricia! Now, who else???