Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Thankfulness!

When I started this blog, and then began to form the idea in my head of somehow expanding it into a book for other moms, I never could have predicted the joy it would bring into my life in the form of far-away fellow moms. Some days I hate the Internet, for all its uncontrollable reach, its ever-growing invasion of privacy information, its constant call. But the Internet, via this blog, others' blogs, and indirectly, my book, are what brought me connections with some of my favorite fellow moms. Moms in OK, moms in IL, moms elsewhere in MN, moms in New England, moms in VA and FL, moms in places unknown, even moms in the Philippines. And these are the women I am thankful for today. They enrich my life, make me laugh, provide virtual long-distance comfort, give me a peek into other ways of living and mothering, entertain me, and provide style advice...they just make me happy. Which is definitely something worth being thankful for.

(I missed yesterday: Yesterday, I was so, so thankful for the fact that my daughters have sweet, fair-minded, fun, responsible friends--little girls from good families with good values--to bring them joy. Which, of course, brings me joy.)

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