Wednesday, December 05, 2012

All Things Red (Including Holiday Treats!)


So, last night I made the little gems, above, with my girls. You may remember them from a few years ago. I got the recipe from my friend Margaret (again! she's a font of child-raising ideas and wisdom), and it's the easiest, kid-friendly holiday treat-activity you can imagine. (Be a little careful when they press the M&M's into the melted Hershey's kisses, though---a bit hot, potentially.)

If you'd like to try it yourself, here's the post from 2010 in which I give the instructions. I have since learned that most people call these "Christmas Buttons." So there you go. Also--look at those baby faces in the photo at the top of that post! Oh my. They change so much in just two years, it's truly amazing. And yet they still retain the ghosts of their toddler selves in their older faces, too. Do you know what I mean?


In case holiday M&M's aren't enough red for you, check out the red skinny pants I picked up at Target the other day on a sudden necessary pant-finding mission. (Trust me. It truly was necessary.)

(Sorry the photo's a little dark.)

Yes, it's true. I (finally) tried the colored skinnies trend.

Red pants! The insanity. Can a barely fortysomething (this is how I'm going to refer to myself until I'm 49) mom of two wear skinny red jeans???!

Hmmm. For a long, looooong time, I wasn't sure. But seeing as how I really needed pants that weren't falling down every five seconds and thus driving me crazy but I didn't want to add any more dark-wash, black, or charcoal gray to my closet, I figured I'd give them a try.

And what do you know, Susan was right--I do love them. Even better seeing as how it's Christmas and money's tight, they're a Levi's offshoot brand and are super sturdy and well-constructed, but I still snagged them for under $30. Love you, Target.

See? Red. It's practically a neutral. And it's festive. Happy Holidays!


Mommy Lisa said...

SO cute. You totally can wear those anywhere.

tricia*kushman*anderson said...

I'm dying for new jeans! But I need LONG so not sure if Target will do! I have a gap outlet close to my house. I'm interested in some non-boot cut jeans and some funky colors.
And I guess we shouldn't complain that our pants are falling off our bodies. It could be the opposite and then we'd be depressed! : )

Shannon said...

Tricia: "LONG"? What is this "long" of which you speak? Does not compute to this 5'3" petite girl. ;) These particular pants -- which I think were labelled "medium length"-- have a 30" inseam. They "scrunch" slightly for me at the ankle which looks fine with flats (and obvs. isn't visible in boots). Now the question is, can I wear WINE-colored Minnetonka mocs with them??? ;)

Mommy Lisa: Thank you! I know, I love their versatility. Why did it take me so long to jump on this trend?