Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I May Need Baking Anonymous.

Yesterday I made another batch of dark-chocolate peppermint bark. I feared I wouldn't have enough to save some for my own family after giving treat plates to neighbors and friends later this month. And we can't have that.

You guys, I can't stop baking--even though last evening my friend Jess came by with the delivery of the annual cookie exchange she hosts each Christmas. Yes! I did the cookie exchange! I made fudge again. This time, nothing seized and nothing had to be thrown away. Also, I've mastered the vague amounts in my family recipe's ingredients list. This year, there were only six of us friends participating, so I now have "only" six dozen Christmas cookies and treats in my freezer. Well, six dozen in addition to the cookies, fudge, and peppermint bark I've made in my own household.

My excuse is that I typically make and deliver 11-13 treat plates every holiday season. These go to friends, neighbors, my husband's boss, assistant and co-workers, and anyone else I can think of who may need some treats. The girls and I go on a treat-delivery mission the week before Christmas. Of course I am obligated to keep enough treats for my family to enjoy during the season and on Christmas Eve, as well---plus the week between Christmas and New Year's when we all sit around in front of the fireplace drinking eggnog and eating Christmas cookies.

The holiday season is my dream time of year when it comes to baking. You all know what an obsessive baker I am--not a FANCY baker, by any means, just a good, home-cooking, from-scratch, mom-type baker--and there's nothing I love more than free rein to spend too much money on ingredients, bake numerous mouth-watering holiday sweets, and plan what, when, and to whom I will gift these yummies. And of course, baking cookies is always a good activity for children during the holiday season.

Hey! Maybe I should start a business limited to the holiday season, when I go crazy baking as many holiday treats and sweets as I want, and sell them to people who don't have time or don't like to do holiday baking. Wouldn't that be a great idea? Customers with no time, energy or inclination toward baking would end up with homemade (read: much better) versions of holiday cookies, candy, and breads, rather than whatever they might otherwise buy at the bakery or grocery store--or go without altogether.

I don't have this business yet. But if you want to pay me for some holiday treats, I'd be happy to oblige.

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Heidi Mann said...

I made your little pretzel ring/peppermint kisses/M&M thingies for the holiday open house at Greg's office (in the Hendrum bank), which is today. Holiday Open Houses are BIG around Hendrum and Halstad. All the businesses hold them on the same day and neighbors traipse from one to the other to the other, seeing the same faces at all different places and munching on holiday treats!! I always go around lunchtime and eat cheese and crackers, mini BBQ meatballs, and lots of goodies!! Now that Greg & John are sharing an office rented out from the bank, he's a part of this celebration again too (as he was a few years ago when he worked for John). Anyway... that's more info than you cared for, but just to say: I made those treats and they are YUMMY!!! -- and were indeed easy!