Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life Goes On, Wardrobe Included

image courtesy oldnavy.com

Can we talk about colored skinny cords during a week like this? Can we vote on colors? I don't know how you start talking about clothing and style after what's happened in the past few days. But I do know that life goes on, and packages keep getting delivered, and mamas still get dressed every morning because it's the week before Christmas break and they have kid concerts to attend, school cocoa-and-cookie receptions, volunteering in the classroom, shopping, errands.

And so. The cords I ordered all arrived, and I need your opinions. Put sadness out of your mind for a few minutes if you can, and focus on the mundane and petty. Sometimes mundane is good therapy.

So, the Land's End Canvas "Pin-Straight Cords" (OMG! On sale right now for less than I paid for them last week!) fit perfectly. A note for anyone else interested in these pants: for some reason I had a hunch they'd fit small, so I ordered them a size larger than my  measurements suggested, given the Land's End Canvas size chart. Indeed, they fit like a glove, a full size up from my actual waist and hip measurements. So, order up if you try them.

The problem is, they're both lovely.

I give you, via fuzzy and ill-produced iPhone photo, the rosy pinks:

In real life these pink cords look less peachy than these photos imply, more rosy. So pretty!

I give you the mint greens:

Unfortunately, these photos do not do justice to the mint green color. It is neither grayish nor baby-blue. It is honestly mint green--though pale, not shocking. You just cannot tell it here. But! So cute!

And the super-cheap Old Navy yellows:

Here's the deal with the yellows. They are incredibly comfy, as I knew they would be; they're part of the "Rock Star jeans" line, so they're super stretchy and lightweight--which I LOVE. The color, which is called "Margarita" but which online looked like a pale butter yellow, is actually a light lime-green-tinged yellow. Mostly yellow, but with a hint of lime. Sort of odd, but not unpleasant. Mainly they're pale enough so as to almost seem like a neutral, as you can see above.

BUT, I can't decide if they're too big or not. (Remember? Old Navy's sizing on the Rock Star pants is pure insanity. You're basically making a wild stab in the dark.) So, I called to have the next size down mailed out to me. I'll compare the two. They're not meant to bag at all--they're called SUPER SKINNY CORDS, after all--so I don't want them to look sloppy. I don't know if you can properly see the fit in the photo above. They feel like they might stretch out with wear during the day, and end up sagging and bagging. But who knows, I may not even be able to zip up the next size down.

What do you think, friends? I'll tell you that, though almost no one commented here on my initial post asking for color votes (I'm still having trouble with some readers not being able to comment, for one thing; I'm so sorry!), on the Facebook link pink won out. Green and yellow each got one vote, and a couple of twitter followers told me to keep all three. (Holla, twitter followers!) Today on FB when I mentioned that I loved all three colors, pretty much everyone told me to keep them all. (Even my husband! What does he want from me, I wonder??) Enablers!

Give me your feedback, stylish moms. If Blogger won't let you comment here, you can always like my book's Facebook page (see the link over there on the left sidebar?) and post something there! But never forget that new clothes are not what truly matters these days, not really. But you all knew that, didn't you?


Nicki said...

I immediately disliked the fit of the Old Navy ones. I even went back and looked at the other two and couldn't decide if it is actually the fit or if it was the others were tucked into boots - which is the way I see those being worn.

I really love the pink.

Shannon said...

Nicki: I know, right? I put flats on with the Old Navys b/c they looked sort of baggy/wrinkly in my boots. Which is not good! I like wearing skinny pants with cute flats too, but they've gotta go into boots! I still want to see if the smaller size works better, b/c my other Rock Star pants fit fantastic and I love them. I love the pink, too! :)

tricia*kushman*anderson said...

the yellow are def. not fitting best! I do like the color if the smaller size fits! I like the pink too.